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KSDE Common Core Webpage

YouTube video showing school in NYC implementing CCS

Common Core High School Appendix

Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium Sample Test Questions

Infinite Campus Link

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Professor Wu article on CCS

Holt McDougal Common Core Textbooks Info

Promethean Planet Webpage

A few additional useful math resources:
Great Geometry and Trig dynamic illustrations
Resources for all math subjects - Algebra, Geometry, Trig, Prob & Stats, Calculus, etc.
This site has math applications relating to current events.
Neat interactive 3-D shape resources
Several links from other math teachers.
This site allows students to practice area and perimeter at their own pace. It starts very basic and
then goes to composite shapes with missing side lengths. You do not have to authenticate to use!
This site has activities for most of the Numb3rs episodes. It lists the episodes by mathematical concepts.

Math Forum
We are teachers, mathematicians, researchers, students, and parents using the power of the Web to learn math and improve math education.
Great for practicing real-life percentage situations in the mall - discounts, tips, sales tax, savings, etc.

Entertaining Math Videos

Teach Me How To Factor -

Slope-Intercept Form


Gettin' Triggy Wit It (SOH CAH TOA)

Quadratic Formula (not so entertaining, but it seems to work)

Quadratic Formula

Quad Song (Factoring - including completing the square)

Quadratic Formula - Adele's Rolling in the Deep - will get stuck in your head! :)

Super Base (basics of exponents)

Pythagorean Theorem (to Justin Bieber)

Watch this young lady try to explain MPH:)

All I Do Is Solve (Systems of Equations)